BDA N2 Generation – Industry first reduced carbon footprint and safety initiative

N2 Generator

With up to 99.999% N2 purity and filtered to 0.01 micron, this onsite N2 generated gas is replacing the high carbon footprint bottled compressed argon previously in use…..

On-site generated N2 has replaced compressed air for product transfer and replaced bottled argon used for bulk tank sparging and blanketing and for blanketing of packaged finished goods.

With our compressor running food grade oil, the resultant compressed gas is refrigerated and dried, then filtered through 6 various carbon, oil, moisture and particulate filters and 4 bottom in top out receivers.

This installation will have an extremely long financial payback, however as Blue Dog Ag continues to grow, the safety and environmental benefits of this project have created sufficient incentive to invest. We strive for constant improvement.

The successfully achieved aims of this project was to:

  • Significantly reduce our product and operational carbon footprint, with on-site nitrogen generation requiring ~88 times less energy than transported bottled argon. Bottled Argon or Bottled Nitrogen is standard practice in the industry.
  • Improve site safety through nonexplosive atmospheres in bulk tanks.
  • Improve site and staff safety by not handling high pressure, heavy, compressed gas bottles.
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