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Today, Blue Dog Agriculture passionately farms more than 200Ha of the most meticulously managed tea tree plantations in the world and uses a refined but traditional steam distillation to extract the highest quality oil; delivered from our farm to your pharmacy.

We are continuously reviewing our production capacity to ensure we offer leading quality tea tree oil at a time and volume that suits your needs. Our continuity of supply of this natural ingredient is second to none.

At Blue Dog, we are passionate about delivering the highest standards of quality, transparency, traceability, reliability, safety and overall value.

Our Products & Services

Blue Dog Agriculture delivers a range of industry leading products and services.

100% Pure and Natural Australian
Unadulterated Tea Tree Oil:

Blue Dog Agriculture 100% Pure and Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil is a powerful essential oil derived from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia; grown and meticulously cared for on-farm at ‘Long Lagoon”.

Tea Tree Oil is recognised as one of the most beneficial essential oils used widely for its antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, it has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Blue Dog Agriculture 100% Pure and Natural Tea Tree Oil is extracted on-site in our state-of-the-art facility by steam distillation of the leaves and terminal branches of the plant. Our site is the most modern and most hygienic in the industry. It is truly a work of passion, admired and commented on by industry experts the world over.

Tea Tree Oil Hydrosol

Tea Tree Hydrosol is the aromatic distilled water that is transferred via a dedicated stainless-steel line as it leaves the separator during distillation of tea tree oil.

Our 100% Pure and Natural Tea Tree Hydrosol is enriched with tea tree oil during the steam distillation process, providing a distinct and refreshing aroma.

The skincare benefits of Tea Tree Hydrosol are enjoyed by using in the neat form and as an ingredient in unique blends and formulations.

Tea Tree Mulch

Our mulch is an organic high carbon and nutrient-rich mulch that is perfect for gardens and commercial developments. We supply the mulch in bulk for value and convenience. It’s a great renewable resource and is prized by gardeners, horticulturalists, orchardists, and industry alike.

We have invested heavily in an all-weather sandstone pad ensuring operational ability in all weather conditions, and ensuring you can access our high-quality fine-cut mulch during all seasons.

Tea tree mulch is fast becoming the mulch of choice with leading Macadamia growers, architectural landscapers and compost manufactures. 

As farmers and distillers of the highest quality Australian tea tree oil, we have a great supply of tea tree mulch and with no middleman, we can offer great prices on commercial quantities.

Contract Tea Tree Oil Distillation

Offering a specialised, professional, and courteous contract distillation service to fellow tea tree growers.

We offer a full comprehensive service including, harvest, haul, distillation, storage, sampling and testing, product preservation, packaging and distribution. The entire process is conducted in accordance with documented procedures and carried out by trained operators.

With large harvest and daily distillation capacity, convenient location and all-weather access, growers benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, increased market access and ease of farm management. The use of our distillation service has proven to maximise plantation production output. 

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