Life’s work of a passionate man – celebrating 25 years

Glenn Donnelly Owner Blue Dog Agriculture

In 2022, Blue Dog Agriculture celebrates 25 years in business.

Glenn Donnelly and his family founded Blue Dog Agriculture in 1997 with a vision to become world leaders in tea tree farming, distillation and international distribution.
As Managing Director, Glenn has spent the greater part of his career growing and marketing tea tree oil. Today, 25 years on, Blue Dog Agriculture is farming more than 500 acres of the most meticulously managed tea tree plantations at Long Lagoon, on the north coast of NSW.

Behind his desk or behind the wheel of a tractor, but rarely behind schedule; Glenn, along with his family and a small team of dedicated staff, maintain all facets of the Blue Dog Agriculture business.

As an ATTIA member and former director, ATTIA regulatory committee member and AFA Advisory Panel Member, Glenn is all about tea tree and is equally as enthusiastic now as he was when starting out. He understood early on that being able to control all facets of tea tree oil production was key to productivity, product quality and continuity of supply.

In 2015 he accomplished his dream of building a state-of-the-art tea tree oil distillation and distribution facility on farm at ‘Long Lagoon” and at the same time Blue Dog Agriculture became a self-sufficient, vertically integrated tea tree oil production facility, with annual tea tree oil throughput now in excess of 160MT.

Consistent improvement is Glenn’s everyday focus, and he regularly collaborates and engages his team to drive greater efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Recent accomplishments include the expansion of the tea tree oil bulk storage facility, along with the installation of an on-site Nitrogen generator. Furthermore, the attainment of GMP certification in June 2021 was a feather in the cap moment for Glenn and yet another milestone for Blue Dog Agriculture. “What’s next?” Well, stay tuned, as Blue Dog Agriculture staff know well, there is always another project in the pipeline.

Speaking of caps, Glenn wears his share, and marketing as he openly admits has been one of the more challenging responsibilities in his lengthy job description. However, as the key decision maker in the business, our customers have benefited from Glenn’s open line of communication, knowledge of the industry and accurate crop and production estimates which aid in your decision making and order forecasting.

From farm to pharmacy, Blue Dog Agriculture ensures your tea tree oil is handled with the utmost care and quality so you can be confident the product you purchase is the product you receive.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for the custom and support shown over the past 25 years and we shall continue to strive for a future in farming and tea tree oil production, ensuring we are by your side for another 25 years. 25 years later, We still supply our very first customer.

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